Copyright Policy

Ownership of Content on UVA Websites

All text, images, logos and information contained on official University of Virginia websites are the intellectual property of UVA unless otherwise registered and are protected under the U.S. Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. 101-810. Copyright gives the owner exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform, display or license a given work. Whether or not a website includes a statement about copyright, the U.S. Copyright Act provides protection for such works, and they may not be used or reproduced without permission.

It is the responsibility of all parties storing materials on websites with University of Virginia domain addresses to ensure that such material does not violate other parties' proprietary rights and does not otherwise violate law or applicable University policy. UVA reserves the right to delete or make inaccessible files that contain material that is in violation of law or of applicable UVA policy. UVA is not responsible for any errors in the material provided on the Web and shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any material found on official UVA websites or on any other sites with University of Virginia domain addresses.

The designs, pictures, logos and other content used on websites directly managed by University Communications may not be copied and used or posted by any other person or entity, including other units/offices at the University of Virginia without permission of the University or the copyright owners of the content. This includes but is not limited to the University's home page, all UVA brand standards and news pages. Links may be directed to these pages, but images, logos and other content may not be copied and/or posted without appropriate permission.

Links to Other Sites

Links from official University of Virginia websites to sites located outside of the University of Virginia domain do not imply ownership, endorsement or recommendation of the service, information or product offered through those links.

Respect for Copyrights Including Digital Materials and Software

It is the policy of the University to respect the copyright protections provided by federal and state laws, including protections for digital materials and software. It is against University policy for faculty, staff or students to use University equipment or services to access, use, copy or otherwise reproduce or make available to others any copyright-protected materials, including digital materials and software, except as permitted under copyright law (especially with respect to "fair use") or specific license.

The software provided through the University for use by faculty, staff and students may be used only on computing equipment as specified in the various software licenses.

The University regards violation of this policy as a serious matter, and any such violation is without its consent and is subject to disciplinary action. Repeated violations will result in loss of computing privileges, among other sanctions.

Pursuant to 37 CFR 201.38, the University has designated a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Agent to receive notification from copyright owners who wish to make infringement claims.