Post-Award Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. Who submits the invoices for my award?

A. All award types (except Clinical Trial, Contingency Payment, and Sample Testing) are invoiced by the Office of Sponsored Programs, Post Award, Invoicing accountants. The three exceptions of Clinical Trial, Contingency Payment, and Sample Testing are invoiced by the particular Department conducting the study/activity. Run this Discoverer Report to determine who invoices: OSP - VD9K Awards the department is responsible to invoice sponsor for NOT OSP.

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Q. Who submits the Financial Reports for my award?

A. Most are submitted by the Office of Sponsored Programs, Post Award, Reporting accountants. However, when there is a financial reporting requirement associated with a progress report that is a coordinated effort between the Office of Sponsored Programs and the department. You should send email to in those cases.

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Q. When was an invoice sent out? How much have we invoiced to-date? Are the invoices paid?

A. Run this Discoverer Report to see invoices submitted to the sponsor and if they have been paid: OSP - VD9K Invoicing and balance due report for the field.

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Q. Can we get copies of invoices or Financial Reports that Sponsored Programs has submitted for one of our accounts?

A. Due to the high volume, OSP does not send out copies of invoices or reports that have been submitted. However, if you have a valid need, please submit your request via e-mail to; be sure to include the Award and/or invoice number.

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Q. We received a check from the Sponsor paying an invoice. What do I do?

A. Take it to your School Research Administrator; they will know what to do.

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Q. What does BBA stand for?

A. BBA stands for Budget Balance Available. It is the amount of available funding after expenditures have cleared the project.

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Q. Are leftover funds carried over automatically into the next year of our award?

A. If it is automatic under the award terms, then OSP will move it, if you do not see that carryover has been processed, e-mail If it is NOT automatic by award terms, has the Principal Investigator asked for the carryover in a timely manner according to the award terms? If yes and you do not see it, e-mail

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Q. Have our carryover funds been moved to the next year of our award?

A. When carryover is moved in the next year, the budget “bumps” up and you can see it in Oracle, GM, Award screen on an installment line as well as in the Discoverer BBA reports. If you do not see it, e-mail

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Q. I have more expenses to put on the grant and I am getting an error when I try to put them on.

A. All grants have a start and an end date referred to as the grant’s “period of performance”. All expenses must occur on or between these dates. After the grant’s period of performance ends, there is another short period allowed for items to clear (vendor invoices, payroll, and corrections) that is controlled by the “close date”. If you are having issues posting charges, please email the details of your situation to

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Q. What happens if my sponsor requires that interest must be earned on the funds?

A. If the sponsor requires that award funds be deposited in an interest-bearing account, OSP will invest the funds. Interest is posted quarterly and the budget “bumps” up. You can see it in Oracle, GM, Award screen on an installment line as well as in the Discoverer BBA reports.

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Q. Who submits progress reports?

A. A Progress Report is the technical report detailing the progress of the project which is prepared and submitted by the principal investigator to the Sponsor according to award terms. A copy should be sent through your School Research Administrator for processing and ultimately routed to Sponsored Programs to be included in the official file of record.

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Q. Where do I get a copy of the agreement signed between UVA and the Sponsor?

A. You should first begin with the Principal Investigator or their Fiscal Contact, as they receive copies of these documents from OSP. If they are missing then please send an email to

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Q. What do I do when I find a set-up error in one of my accounts?

A. Please send an e-mail to

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Q. I am having troubles using ‘Recon@’ to reconcile my accounts.

A. Contact the Recon@ experts at, or 924-HELP.

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Q. My PI left, and I need to change his name on the grant including on the Recon@ system.

A. To start the process, send a Grant Change Form (SP-23) through your School Research Administrator and discuss the situation with them on what other steps are needed. Be sure to refer to the Faculty departure checklist found here:

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Q. My Fiscal Administrator left, and I need the Recon@ reports to come to a different contact.

A. contact your GM Role Manager for assistance.

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Q. Where do I see the status of something sent to OSP (SP-23, SP-30, etc.)?

A. Check our document control log at, and use your Netbadge to log in. Then query by PI name, award number etc.

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Q. Can I move the budget between the projects in the same award?

A. Start by reviewing the award terms; if it is allowable, send a Grant Change Form (SP-23) with explicit instructions showing how the re-budgeting should occur in each project through your School Research Administrator.

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Q. What are the transaction controls on the PATEO? Can I get it changed?

A. The Integrated System allows OSP to block expenditures through transaction controls when such control is required by sponsor, federal, state or University policy. This does not eliminate the responsibility of the Principal investigator and his/her administrators to insure that expenses are allocable, allowable, appropriate and accurate on the sponsored program account. If you need to have a transaction control released, please complete a Federal Costing Exception Request form and send it through your School Research Administrator to Sponsored Programs.

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Q. We need the PATEO account extended past the end date. How do I get it changed?

A. Start by reviewing the award terms; is a “no-cost extension” (NCE) allowed? If so, has it been requested from the sponsor or does UVA have the authority to process it? Please start with your research administrator, or email

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Q. Which GAS report should I run to get fiscal year award and proposal data?

A. Use the “OLD reports” for awards that were awarded 6/30/2009 and prior
Use the “OLD reports” for proposals submitted (as identified by the signature date) 6/30/2009 and prior
Use the “NEW reports” for awards that were awarded AFTER 6/30/2009
Use the “NEW reports” for proposals submitted (as identified by the signature date) AFTER 6/30/2009

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Q. What do the Cost Share codes in the IS stand for?

Below is a table describing the meaning of the Cost Share codes associated with an award in the IS:

Cost Share Code Description
0 Salary Only
1 NOT IN USE - historical OTPS or Salary/OTPS
2 No Cost Sharing
3 OTPS Only
4 OTPS and Salary
5 MTDC Exclusions only (Equipment, Tuition Remission, Off Site Facility Rental)
6 Waived F&A Only
7 Third Party/External
8 External Subcontractor has Cost Share
9 External Subcontractor and UVA Commitments

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Q. Can I get a quick snapshot/status for my account?

A. If you have the Oracle GM Viewer responsibility, you can choose Other/Run/Single Request/UVA OSP Closeout Report, when you get the parameter box, just enter the award and project you want to see and click OK. An Oracle report will be generated that shows you all balances.

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Q. What is a GB award prefix and why am I seeing them in ResearchUVA?

A. This is in response to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) directive to Agencies intended to enhance financial data integrity and financial closeout for all awards. The goal of this policy is to better align HHS with transparency directives while strengthening the accountability for grant-related financial transactions. See: for more information.

OSP is trying to prepare for the transition that is going to take place this Fall of the remaining GC pooled accounts to GB sub-accounts, therefore, we are setting up new GB Awards waiting for the new NOA’s to arrive from the sponsor. We are hoping this will ease the pressure of last minute changes to folks in the field that schedule LD and AP/PO items. We are currently loading penny budgets as we will not know the amount to move to the GB account until the financial reports are filed with the sponsor.

You will see the following comment on the current NOA’s we are distributing:

The Federal Government has changed its payment policies; this action is setting up a new GB award to replace your old GC award. The GC award end date is being moved back due to this transition. For further info, consult NOT-OD-15-105;

The funding will be corrected once we receive the actual action item (NOA) from the sponsor and the financial report is filed.

Remember, this takes effect 10/1/2015. If you receive a new award ON or AFTER this date, it will be put into a GB award prefix account not a GC account. Therefore, that new year's start date on the NOA that prompted the GB conversion, is the start date you should use to schedule labor or AP/PO items for the GB account. A new OSP NOA will be distributed once the sponsor NOA is received and the account is setup in the integrated system (Oracle). Also, remember that we cannot file a FFR for the mini-competitive segment, if you are over budget based on what HHS has awarded you. This is the only case you will need to move expenditures. See the example below:

5 year R01 award is given to PI in the amount of $500,000 ($100,000 each year) and the award dates are 11/01/2013 thru 12/01/2018

Year 1 is 11/01/13 thru 12/01/14 ----- GC1xxxx/12345
Year 2 is 11/01/14 thru 12/01/15 ----- GC1xxxx/12345 -- this will be transitioned from the GC to the GB --- we will have to file a one-time FFR for this "mini-competitive segment" – expenditures cannot exceed $200,000, if they do, expenditures will need to be moved from Year 2 to Year 3 account. If they do not, and there is excess funding, OSP personnel will move the "carryover" funding that has been unspent to Year 3 account automatically.
Year 3 is 11/01/15 thru 12/01/16 ----- GB1xxxx/12345 -- note this year is a GB account
Year 4 is 11/01/16 thru 12/01/17 ----- GB1xxxx/12345
Year 5 is 11/01/17 thru 12/01/18 ----- GB1xxxx/12345

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Q. Why do my Purchase Orders (PO) have to have zero ($0.00) balance and be “Finally Closed”? How can I see the Purchase Orders for an award/project?

A. In order for Sponsored Programs to process Final Financial Statements and/or invoices with our sponsors, all Purchase Orders (POs) should be “Finally Closed” and have a zero ($0.00) PO Balance. If a PO is not properly closed, then charges can be pushed using that “bad” PO. When this happens, it causes an out of balance scenario between our grants module and the GL module. The charges then must be handheld through the system and the department’s overhead account will be charged. Therefore, a PO must have a zero balance and should be “Finally Closed” to limit liability.

To see a report of all “open” PO’s for an award/project you can do the following in the integrated system (Oracle):

1. Open GM Viewer

2. Double click Other

3. Select Run-- Single Request

4. Click the dropdown in Name

5. Select UVA POs Not Finally Closed-XML and click OK

6. Enter the Award and Project numbers -- leaving Display mode as “BOTH”

7. Click Ok

8. Click Submit

9. Refresh until Phase Reads “Completed”

10. Click View Output

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