OSP Post-Award

The OSP Post-Award group works with Faculty and Administrators to coordinate and oversee financial activities for sponsored research awards. Post-Award staff members assist the other members of our university community with terms and conditions, invoicing, reporting, budget and cash deficit monitoring, as well as award setup conditions. The Post-Award staff work with the faculty members and their management staff and the school research administration to ensure accurate and complete accounting of income and expenditures on sponsored project accounts.

We are the official contact for invoices, financial reports and audits submitted on behalf of the University to the sponsors. Post-Award staff members generate, and submit, invoices and financial reports; as well as process award/project/task/budget setup in the Oracle financial “Integrated System.”

Throughout the life of a sponsored research award, Post-Award staff members work to provide advice and technical assistance to Faculty and Administrators regarding award management, and compliance with sponsor guidelines. They are dependent upon the principal investigator and department to provide information in a timely manner. They assist with final account reconciliation in the “Integrated System” and closeout of the account.

Our goals are to, provide leadership in research administration, support research endeavors, ensure responsible stewardship of research funding, and provide high-quality value-added customer service to all our customers whether within the University, the Commonwealth of Virginia or the Sponsor’s organization.